Our Road trip is reaching our destination, on this day we planned to see our Oldest child by meeting him at the base in Arizona.  This trip takes 12 hours from Eagle Pass, Texas but it helps that there is a time difference so we would get there at an earlier time. 


Day 3 – We left around 3:00am skipping complimentary breakfast but in order to reach Arizona at the base at 2pm we had to sacrifice some extra zzz.. So we drove  in the dark we missed the scenery but from the little that was around us we saw a lot of deers in the road (the crazy thing is the speed limit at some point was 80 and how can that be with deer in the road but they would lift up there head look at the car or the lights and just stood there) by then it was 6:45 when we saw a McDonalds just in time for a bathroom break and to get some breakfast (we also pumped gas just in case) and luckily we did because after that city it was desert view all the way till we got to the base.

We also stopped at krispy Kreme from El Paso, Texas and while getting there you can see the border to Mexico. This is one of family favorite treat so we stopped to get some for us to enjoy.


All worth it we got to the base just in time for a quick ceremony so then after is family day.  They gave a good speech on how impress they were of each soldier from other classes they had. As you can see the colors of the building to the landscape lets you see we are in a different place..


By 2:30 we were able to hug and see our oldest son and spend time together as a family again, he then took us to a place to eat which he was in the mood for which is Chili’s. Even though you only see very small cities on our way to the base, but right next to the base there is a nice city called Sierra Vista they have many choices and the community is nice, you see many retired soldiers living there, I understand why since it is a very peaceful place.

IMG_2416 IMG_2420





Getting there, the views of our Soldiers was such an overwhelming experience, knowing each of them put there effort to pass so they can graduate in the profession they chose.  We had so much to catch up on and we just wanted to spend time and here what our oldest son had to say that looking back we didn’t had that many pictures of that day.  But it was family day and we did just that..


Overall this was our day total

                                   Amount we paid     Price a week before      Amount we Saved
Krispy Kreme                    $10.89                        $0.00                               $7.89
Meals/Dining                    $45.74                        $0.00                               $0.00
Holiday Inn Sierra Vista    $0.00                        $0.00                               $161.24
Gasoline                           $52.02                        $0.00                               $0.00


Expected Amount      $277.78

Amount Saved          ($169.13)

Actual Amount Paid   $108.65