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7 Tips on how to book a Cruise for a lot less (video included) (saved over $1k)

When you mentioned a cruise vacation automatically people think of the endless meals you get while on board. Which that is true but after going on 8 cruises I have learned to see is much more then that. At first I wasn’t too crazy about a cruise vacation simply because I would get nauseous and once you feel that way is hard to get better since you are on water for days. After working my way around getting sick I have learned to love and enjoy my cruise vacations.
A cruise like any other vacation can get very pricey not including airfare, transportation and excursions. On this post I want to share how you don’t need to put a cruise vacation on the side just because of the big heavy price. There are many things you can consider which will help you making a cruise as your next vacation trip for a lot less.
Cruise do vary in prices, one year many options are shown while another year you might not found as many options.
Here I will share tips I encountered when planning my cruise vacations. These has helped me and other families on reaching that cruise while paying a lot less for it.

(What a view when we stopped at Mykonos, Greece) beautiful scene Our Cruise Line was Norwegian Star

Following these tips we have saved over $1000 on our cruise trips

Tip 1 –
Even if you are not planning on a cruise but you are planning to take a trip I suggest you search for cruises with any destinations around September or so. Search during that time or as early as today but with travel date from February up to May. Also check from August up to November during these months the prices are a lot cheaper in fact I have taken a cruise in May but in July on that same year the same trip is showing for almost double then what I booked it for.
Tip 2 –
Sign up with your desire cruise line but don’t limit yourself to just one. Be open to other cruise line. Signing up will notify you of current offers and deals, such as free drinks, kids travel free, Black Friday offers and 3rd and 4th travel free.
Tip 3 –
If you manage well your credit cards staying away from debt here is a great and wonderful option sign up with a credit card that gives you bonus points on travel. Most credit cards do offer bonus when using a specific link but only one I can recommend that will give you points for any travel which applies to cruises. For example the bonus points for signing up is 50k points which equals to $500. When you book your cruise you can pay it using this credit card when is time to pay your statement you can apply the points for that purchase giving you a $500 statement credit.
Tip 4 –
If you know a month you will like to take a cruise or vacation I suggest plan the cruise months ahead. Some or most cruise lines do offer a payment plan but only when the cruise is many months away. For example we booked a cruise for September which we purchased during Black Friday time. The cruise was purchased in December for September the deal offered to pay $50 as a deposit for each person. So we only paid in December that amount and by July the rest of the amount was due.
Tip 5 –
Searching vs Travel Agency, we have found others sharing how they save booking a cruise through a travel agency we tried using that same source ourself and discover the savings weren’t adding up. Meaning we compare there prices vs the prices we found and every time is much cheaper through our sources. I am not against it in fact you can use both options and go with the one you are more comfortable with. But trying both options for years we did notice searching saves us more money every time.
Tip 6 –
You will need extra cash that is a given. Cash for drinks, any other purchases, pictures, excursions and/or any other item you desire to get. For this need my tip is to sign up for bank bonuses. You will be surprise how many bonuses are shown every month. Some do take time to earned while others are much simpler to receive. Here I share more in details how you can get started and see if this is something you can benefit from.
Tip 7 – do your research, Is a great way to search on cruise, cruise ship and see how it looks inside.  This is something we also go through once we set our eyes on a specific cruise option.  Searching way ahead of time meaning many months in advance can help you see better offers. One portal I love to search in is here, I notice the prices are pretty much accurate compare to other travel deals.

I also explain these tips on my channel you can watch by clicking here



Once you book your trip now the fun part begins at least for me.

Getting ready for my cruise but to make sure I don’t forget anything I created a list that I use every time we travel.  It has been very helpful and I hope you can enjoy it as well..

To view the list you can do so here.