Is travel on your mind? Did you just planned a trip, just booked your flight or cruise and now you wonder what is next on your list. It could get overwhelming or even at times don’t know what to work on next.

To help you plan your trip and work on your checklist tackling the items that required attention is why we created this post.  As we traveled we realized there are things that need more of our attention versus winging it as we go.

Here are a few tips we put together that has helped us planned our trip to go a lot smoother…

  1. Notify credit cards of your travel dates and countries. Call your cards and let them know where you are going. This is important if you plan on buying things when you travel. So let’s be real we all buy things.
  2. Book Car Rental or transportation. Book in advance in order to get a better price.  We use to book.  Add all the information they ask. Then you will get an email of the quotes within a few minutes. They will forward you to with the quotes.  Then you book your car and then go back to . Add to your rental information to track. So that they can notify you if the car rental price changes to a lower price.  Then you can go in and rebook it from the link that you get from .
    • If you have Chase Sapphire Card you can always check your portal to find deals for car rental as well.  Chase Portal is where you can book any travel needs you have.  Example Airline Tickets and Car rentals.
    • Examples of what you need to book for transportation.
      • From Home to Airport
      • From Airport back to home.
      • From Airport to Cruise Port (If you use the cruise transportation it will cost you more.)
      • From Hotel to Airport
      • From Airport to hotel
  3.  Money Avoid going to exchange rate booths.  They are expensive. Better to take out money from a Bank ATM.  You will avoid the extra fees from the booths.
    • Don’t forget to have your bank ATM with you so you can take out in whatever country you are in.  You can use a bank ATM to take out money as if you were in the US. You don’t want to use a credit card to take out money because you will get hit with a high daily fee.
  4.  Hotel Use your points to book a hotel.  If you don’t have any points then use a website like or
    • If you have Hilton, SPG, or IHG points you can always use the apps to book your stay.
    • If you have a Chase Sapphire Card then you can use points to book a hotel
  5.  Flights After booking your flight do not forget to add your TSA Pre-Check number to your ticket so you can go through security faster. (If you have Pre-TSA). You can do this by adding it while you book or after you book to go back in and add it.
    • Bring a neck rest for those long flights.
    • If you want something to help you sleep for those long flights you can try Melatonin or something similar.
    • Checking and pick your seats 24hrs before you board unless your airline lets you check in sooner. Another option is to pay extra for an assigned seat.
    • Also, bring some good headphones. The ones in the airlines are not good.
  6.  Medications If you have regulars medications don’t forget to bring them.
    • You can also bring medications that you might need such as for allergies, headache, stomachache just to name a few.
  7.  Packing Checklist 
    • Don’t forget to pack the items needed, if traveling to different locations is best to check the weather and packed accordingly.  We have a checklist of things to pack when going on a trip.
    • You can download a checklist here.