For almost 2 years now we started our Travel Journey (but on a more affordable to almost free goal).  Traveling is one of our dreams, since our kids were small we always worked hard but also made time to travel.  We travel to mostly places that had theme parks (which was a dream for our kids to visit Disney & Universal).  As our kids got older we started to travel to smaller islands while enjoying staying on a cruise for 5 to 7 days at a time.  This was a fun way to enjoy our time together while being disconnected from the world (since it was hard to find any connection) jejeje..

Fast forward to 2015 that was when we discover we can

  • build our credit,
  • pay for all of our expenses with credit cards
  • get points for every dollar charge to each credit cards
  • get bonus points/miles
  • use those point/miles for travel

I share our journey (below) how we got started and which credit cards worked for us.

It is hard to believe that collecting points can help you get some free to almost free travels..

  • We were able to save over $3000 on our Hawaii Trip
  • We also saved over $11,000 on our most recent trip were we visited (Italy, Greece, Croatia & Paris) post coming soon..

The purpose of this video is to share with your our first day in Hawaii but also for you to know that there are way you can travel to your dream destination by starting your Travel Journey as well..  I hope you enjoy the video and this could be a motivation for you to travel and know that with in 2 years we have visited some of the places we only dreamed about…

Travel Journey – 2 Years Anniversary (Europe, Greece, Hawaii)