Saving is key when making your dreams possible.  Of course is hard to hear the word budget, savings or cutting back in expenses but when it comes to making a dream a reality some of us need to work on our finances in order to reach that goal.

That was our story, back in 2012 when I took over the finances I saw how we were over $31,000 in debt not pleasant to see fast forward to 2016 we were able to get back on track and started to travel for almost free.

  • November 2016 – Our first trip was to Hawaii for our 20th Anniversary we saved over $3000 and the total in expenses was $500 (you can see more here)

  • July 2018 – Our last trip was to Venice Italy, Amsterdam & Ireland we saved over $23,000 and paid $300 (you can see more here)

On those 2 trips alone you can see we have saved over $23,000 and paid $800, in reality, most of our flights, hotels and car rentals were FREE thanks to using points but everything else does come with a little price that is when this spreadsheet comes in handy.

When we started applying for our first credit card we waited until it was the right time for us to explore this new world of travel hacking but in the meantime, we were using the Dave Ramsey envelope system.

We created an envelope where we added an amount each month so we can have travel money without affecting our finances.  The envelope system was so efficient that we were able to use that money on a few trips even one that we are planning for the summer of 2019.

I hope you can use this spreadsheet which is easy to follow, start saving weekly and before you know it your travel spending money will be pretty comfortable for any trip.

Here you can print this free spreadsheet to help you keep track (Save $5000 Starting with $50 a week)

Here you can print this free spreadsheet to help you keep track (Save $3000 Starting with $25 a week)