Offer shared 2015 and received 216.

How I got so far FREE 13,000 IHG points by just mailing envelopes and following Promotion rules.  Not so long ago I posted about IHG & Mastercard promotion to find out how you can get started just click here.

All you need is envelopes, stamps, index cards and time to write about 94 envelopes which that is the limit according to the official rules.  

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I started with a few index cards and right after we mailed a few more, here is the schedule of days each envelope was mailed.

  1. 12/13/15 – 10 envelopes were mailed
  2. 12/14/15 – 30 envelopes were mailed
  3. 12/30/15 – 40 envelopes were mailed

In total we mailed 80 envelopes based on there promotion official rules the limit of envelopes we can mail is 94.  In addition I also want to share how much I have spent for the envelopes that were mailed.

  • Walmart 2 – 40 pk envelopes $2.02 tax included
  • Post Office 80 stamps $39.20
  • Index Card – had a brand new pack

Total spent on promotion $41.22

Minimum reward expected  500 points * 80 envelopes mailed = 40,000

(which it can equivalent to 4 nights at there participating hotels) which in my book is not bad at all to spend $41.22 for about 4 nights at participating hotels from IHG.

ihg points

From 80 envelopes mailed I am expecting 40,000 IHG points and so far I received and it shows in my account 13,000 points not bad knowing that all I spent is $41.22 and 13k points is about a day at any IHG Hotels.