Traveling and visiting places you only dream about is such an inspiration to make those dreams into a reality, and that is how we made a few trips happen by using miles and points.

I really enjoy booking my trip using the Chase Ultimate Rewards portal, there are so many possibilities from air travel, hotel, and even cruises.  I share 7 easy steps how you can book or even search for travel using Chase Sapphire portal.



Before booking your trip

  • (Start with Chase points) Want to start earning points with Chase Sapphire Reserve you can do so by clicking here
  • (Stack up on Points) Accumulate enough points for your travel
  • Need extra points – if you have a Chase Sapphire credit card but need a little bit more points you can sign up for the Chase Freedom (doesn’t have an annual fee and this card gives you $150 bonus points after following the requirements.
  • (Transfer points if needed) – If you have more then one Chase credit card you can transfer your points to the account you will use to book your trip.

Step 1 – After you accumulated enough Chase points You can start to book your trip by logging in here . Once you are logged in you can select the Travel option (airplane picture)


Step 2 – Once you click travel, you will see an option to place your destination

  • (choose from flights, hotels, cars, activities & cruises)
  • Choose from Round trip – One Way – Multiple Destinations
  • Leaving from/to – Leaving Date/Returning Date
  • Number of passengers (limit up to 6 per reservation)

Step 3 – Once you select your destination you will see so many options, the good thing is the best affordable ticket price/points are shown at the top.

I used an example (Miami,FL to Venice, IT) round trip for the dates 8/3/18 – 8/13/18

Step 4 – Go over the options, carefully watch how many stops it has and if that flight works for you.  Take your time and do your research before booking your flight. (click the one you prefer by clicking select)


Step 5 – Once you select your round trip flight you can go over it if approved go to the bottom and click Begin Checkout…

Step 6 –  (payment can be made using your points, if you don’t have enough there is an option to pay the difference in order to complete your transaction)


Step 7 – Have Traveler Information ready.  You will need Name (as it appears on ID/Passport) include email, passport and/or TSA precheck number.  Go over carefully for each passenger, once you finish Click the confirm box at the end (if that applies) then you can proceed to payment. 


(Congrats) Expect an email with your itinerary & confirmation number

So exciting when you can book a trip but so rewarding when is a lot less out of pocket.  Hope you can get started on your travel journey and these tips made it easier to get you there..