Starting on this new journey is exciting and overwhelming since there is so much to learn.  About a year ago we started working to improve our credit score while applying on credit cards that offer miles or points.  Since then we have been able to accumulate about 500k points (which I will share on an upcoming post our detail credit card and current points).


Today as I was checking my account I saw the amount of points earned and the amount of points I will see on my next statement.  Its a joy how much further we are since we started this new travel journey.  This credit card does come with a high bonus points but we were debating on getting it and you can read as to why more here Chase Sapphire Reserve benefits and why we applied for it…

Luckily we made the right decision for us since we took advantage of the travel credit for an upcoming trip.  Please know that this post is to show how you can too start this new journey, it is a big relief when you can travel to a destination you always hoped for but saw it was too far to accomplish, here you can see that with dedication, patience, budget and self control (paying your credit card in full and on time) you can too achieve your travel goals.