Our Arizona road trip started on Tuesday and on this day is all ready Saturday, time went by soooo fast but yet there was a lot we saw and plenty of time to enjoy it as a family.  Our plans were to enjoy a few days with our oldest son before he would go overseas but that wasn’t possible since his itinerary was purchased for him to leave today.  So we had to change our initial plans but it all worked out and all it matters is that we enjoy our time together before he leaves.

If you missed how our week started and how much we saved per day you can click below by day.

Day 1 – Army Graduation Road Trip Day 1 Naval Aviation & USS Battleship (Saved $349)
Day 2 – Army Graduation Road Trip Day 2 New Orleans & San Antonio (Saved $102.82)
Day 3 – Army Graduation Road Trip Day 3 Arizona (Saved $169.13)
Day 4 – Army Graduation Road Trip Day 4 Graduation Day (Saved $184.05)


Day 5 & 6 – Army Graduation Road Trip

(Paid $85.64 saved $72.70 Ttl $158.34)

Tucson, Arizona to Pecos, Texas



We started early by packing since we have to check out and getting some hot breakfast provided or included in our hotel at Holiday Inn Sierra Vista.

We drove to Tucson, Arizona were we took a small walk through and enjoyed some lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, before walking into the restaurant we saw these huge cactus and of course we had to take a picture…

Right after we had to take our son to the airport and then head out for a long drive from Arizona to Pecos Texas.

We arrived almost at 1am to Pecos, Texas we were very grateful we got there safe and felt it was worth the sacrificed (because we tried to spent as much time with our oldest before he had to board to his flight)


Day 6 (Paid $62.15 saved $98.37 Ttl $160.52)

Pecos, Texas to Dallas, Texas

IMG_2504 (1)



We made it to Dallas Texas in the afternoon and the first place we stopped in was our hotel Embassy Suites Galleria, the hotel was beautiful and right away it was a wonderful place for us to relax and enjoy our time.  The room had a king bed which was on a separate room with our own tv and our youngest son had the couch which is a sofa bed with his own tv too.


Right after we got check in we got comfortable and got ready to visit the local mall.  Wow the mall in Dallas by our hotel is the best one we have been to.  (the mall has many floors, an indoor hotel, many restaurants and its own skating rink.


Overall from so many hours driving we went from this Arizona scene to Texas greenery

IMG_2487 IMG_2488