Finally Graduation Day…

Day 4 – What an exciting day it was.. we got up early to get ready eat some breakfast and get to the base early for the morning graduation.  The day before for family day our Oldest son Michael showed us around the base and shared what and where he would go. So going to the chapel was pretty easy for us.

What a proud moment.

we loved our time there, the scenery which is very different than what we are used to in Florida and also love the structures which you can see from these pictures.

Arizona was more than what we expected, we have never been there and knowing our sons graduation was coming up we decided to be a part of this huge accomplishment.

Right after the ceremony we went back to the hotel so our son can change and we can enjoy a family day together before he left over seas.

We ate at Texas Roadhouse which was a wonderful experience, then we headed to Old Tombstone

IMG_2457  IMG_2466







The weather was wonderful, it was cool, windy and no humidity jejeje which was the best part..  We enjoyed our time as we walked and learned about Old Tombstone.


Overall this was our day total

                                   Amount we paid     Price a week before      Amount we Saved
Meals/Dining                    $56.51                       $0.00                               $0.00
Holiday Inn Sierra Vista    $0.00                        $0.00                               $184.05
Gasoline                           $27.50                        $0.00                               $0.00


Expected Amount      $268.06

Amount Saved          ($184.05)

Actual Amount Paid   $84.01