Our Road trip is just getting started, we finished Day 1 and now we left Alabama state and head towards to Eagle Pass, Texas.  Our plan is to stop at New Orleans, San Antonio and rest in the city of Eagle Pass, Texas.

(Before starting day 2, you can see how our day 1 road trip went by just clicking the link below)

Day 2 – We left right after breakfast which was around 6:30am so we can stop at New Orleans which was 2 hours away but then we saw the weather was bad from Arizona up to Louisiana but by the time we got to New Orleans it was dark and raining but luckily we didn’t get to see hail like Texas did.


As you can see the weather was not good at all but we managed to sneak out look around and get some beignet which was pretty good… Of course we got extra to go, so our Oldest Son could try them as well.. 20160413_140329922_iOSThe views were beautiful even when it was raining, it was nice to see that as soon as you get close to New Orleans the houses, locations and restaurants let you feel you are all ready there…



New Orleans  – $12.00

  • Parking – $6.00

  • Beignets – $6.00

Since it was raining and we had 10 hours to go until we reach our next hotel we cut it short but enjoy or short time at New Orleans. We wanted to stop at San Antonio, Texas which is about 8 hrs away so luckily even with the bad weather we made it at a good time. We did a few sacrifices just to make it on time, we only stop for gas, bathroom breaks and food to go.



San Antonio Riverwalk is a must place to go, this is like a true hidden gem.  Once you are near you wonder were the Riverwalk could be but once you find it, it just takes your breath away.  You can walk, relax, take a tour and eat at many restaurants to chose from.


Since we still had about 3 hours to go to reach our next hotel for the night we didn’t stay as long, but the time we were there we took it all in jejej..

We did considered staying in San Antonio but it would’ve set us back 3 hours, meaning for our next day we would have to drive 15 hrs instead of 12 hrs if we stay at Eagle Pass, Texas.


Overall this was our day total

                                   Amount we paid     Price a week before      Amount we Saved
Parking                             $14.00                        $0.00                               $0.00
Meals/Dining                    $15.29                        $0.00                              $0.00
Holiday Inn Eagle Pass    $0.00                         $102.82                           $102.82
Gasoline                           $72.65                        $0.00                               $0.00

(Meals section seem a little low, but breakfast was included at the Hotel and for lunch we used our Chick Fil A Gift card which was included on Day 1 totals)

Expected Amount      $204.76

Amount Saved          ($102.82)

Actual Amount Paid   $101.94