Today, I share 20 Ways that will help you Meet the High Credit Card Bonus Spending Requirement after being approved from that credit card.

We sometimes get asked how can they reach that amount and this is why I decided to share some of the tips that has worked for us.

For example the amount is $4000

Let say your expenses including Mortgage/Rent is $2000 (this will cover half of the requirement) which means you are half way there but what if the amount is less..

Rent/Mortgage: Pay your Rent/Mortgage (using a credit card to pay directly might not be permitted) what you can do is order a

  • Create an account with a cash back company such as or TopCashBack (create a new account & earn $10 for new members)
  • from the cashback, select to get around 1.25% cash back to balance off the fees
  • Gift Card up to $2500 from

Expenses: if credit card is accepted this could be an easy one to pay with using your new credit card (for this method you can also get more gift cards but keep in mind the fees you might end up with)

  • Electricity Bill
  • Gas Bill
  • Water Bill
  • Cable/TV Bill
  • Internet Bill
  • Cell Phone Bill
  • Car Insurance
  • Any other Insurance (if applies)
  • Car Payment

Everyday Expenses:

  • Gasoline – every time you pump gas (you earn some points)
  • When Dining Out
  • Groceries
  • Parking (if applies)

Other Expenses (if applies):

  • Doctor appointment fees
  • Barber – Hair Salon
  • Medications Refills
  • House Expenses (items needed to fix something)
  • Donations
  • Monthly Subscriptions
  • Entertainment (Movies)
  • Shopping
  • Gifts

Get Cash Back 

Every time you need to purchase anything such as a present even if is a gift card, shopping for yourself keep in mind you can get these online check the cash back offer and place the order that way.

If you still need extra spending to meet the requirement, one thing we have done which has worked for us, is ask family members/friends people you trust if you can pay for there Mortgage/Rent.. This option is best when both parties feel comfortable doing it, the process can be a little time consuming if doing it with ordering gift cards. Before doing this option talk about it plan it out and then see if this is something that will work for both parties.

Keep an eye on your credit limit

Keep in mind when you are starting your credit limit might be very low, we suggest to pay your bill as early as you can specially when you need to make a big transaction like another Mortgage payment.